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"To love at all is to be vulnerable."

"Armed I am with love. Disarmed I am."

anna, queria te fazer uma pergunta bem indiscreta.. modelo no exterior ganha tão bem mesmo quanto falam?

nopee, nao eh tudo isso



Hello again :)

I’ve forgotten completely about you might have noticed, one of my housemates just showed me her tumblr and I’m like hey! I used to have one :P

Update: I’m in Seoul, Korea. My contract here is almost ending.. yep it’s already been 3 months that I’m here. Next Destination: Singapore! I got a contract for two months! :D

Korea has been amazing!! A lot of free time.. comparing to other markets so I actually got to be a “tourist” hahah Got to know the city well other than just casting places and parties,

Went Snowboarding:

To the Beach:

Met an amazing group of people here: 

Mountain Climbing:

And seen some of the most beautiful sunsets! 

Ah and did the everlasting locks on the Seoul tower

 As you can see I have a boooyfriend..  His name is Lucas, we’ve been together for 4 months since (Guangzhou,China) I was in GZ before Korea. 

Who am I kidding trying to sum up things since I last blogged. But this is just for you to have an idea of how all is going… things are great! I kind of miss writing on here, hope I can come back to using tumblr more often.

I’d love to escape to a place like this right now.

I’d love to escape to a place like this right now.